Sunday, March 30, 2008

INCrowd members show at Bloomington

Several of the INCrowd members displayed and sold their work at the Luna Festival in Bloomington this last weekend. BagsandmorebyPam, MyWord, FroggyGirlDesigns, Dragoncat, Crescentwench, Art2theExtreme, and McVilleCreations were all there. I missed KreationsbyKelly but I know she had planned to be there. Traffic was very steady and the show itself was a good one. People are being careful with their money and I think sales would have been better with a better economy but I felt it was successful for an early spring show. Food was available from a local Mexican restaurant and was a delightful change from the usual hot dog! Show was held on two levels in the building and spaces were virtually all filled. The crowd was very enthusiastic. I think this is a show that will really take off in the future.

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  1. It was so fun meeting all of you. There were so many at this event that were selling and did not know about Etsy. I made sure to show them the site on my laptop and tell them about the IN Crowd! They were so excited and stunned that they had never heard of it!

    Does anyone know if this made the paper? I had my picture taken about 4 times be different people and did not know what they were from. I am doing a blog on craft fairs and wanted to update those with pictures.