Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pendleton Heritage Fair - Sept 7 and 8

The Pendleton Heritage Fair was held in the usual spot, a lovely park setting with the sounds of Fall Creek near by. The fair had light attendance on Friday and business picked up quite a bit on Saturday. How about we skip the discussions on the rain and storms. (I'm all for indoor events now) Luckily, no one was injured this time.

Four members of the INCrowd attended, TheresasArt, Dragoncat, MyWord and DBrown.

Thanks for attending the show with me, it was a delight to see you all again and to meet Teresa, the 7th Incrowd member I've met. And congratulations to Earlynn, her parrot brooch sold, and it will be sadly missed.

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  1. I've only met Teresa via convo, but was impressed with how nice she is. One day, I'll get to meet some of you lovely ladies. Congrats on the sale, Earlynn! That brooch was in a lot of treasuries on Etsy, now sold offline.... go figure.