Tuesday, September 18, 2007

INCrowd Interview, 9/17/07 - Kim, thepeachmartini

This week's featured seller is Kim from thepeachmartini. She hails from Syracuse, Indiana. She's a jewelry maker, and her stuff is beautiful. You must check out her Etsy shop!

Here's what Kim has to say about her art:

"What started out as a hobby (as it does for most people) became an obsession, and the goodies I made slowly took over my house! I never really considered selling anything I made, but after a few people I didn't even know started asking me where I purchased a lot of the jewelry I wore and offered to buy it right then and there, I thought it might be worth looking into.

I live in a very artistic community - Winona Lake is full of all kinds of talented artists and I didn't feel like my goods were all that great compared to a lot of the items featured in local gift shops. I gave things as gifts to family and friends, and slowly the word spread that I made jewelry; I even received a few custom orders for Proms and Homecoming dances!

Ebay didn't seem like a good fit as there is no room for another seller offering hand-made jewelry without being a bargain bin shop. Then the wonderful world of Etsy appeared! I signed up and listed a few items, and the next thing I knew they sold! So I added more...and here I am today.

I respect all of the talented people who make up the INCrowd, and I feel honored to be a part of something to promote the huge wealth of talent and skill that resides in Indiana."

Make sure you check out her shop to see all the wonderful things she has listed on Etsy! Mark her as a favorite, as you are sure to want to return over and over again!


  1. Kim's work is *awesome*! She's such a sweetheart, too, I'm glad to see her as a featured seller. :)

  2. Your fall harvest work is lovely!!