Sunday, August 19, 2007

INCrowd Interview, 8/20/07 - AutumnDaisy

This week's featured seller is AutumnDaisy from West Lafayette, Indiana. Here's what she has to say about herself:

"I am a person who is rarely short on words. However, when it comes to writing about myself, I tend to come up a little short.

And, so...who am I?

First, and foremost, I feel that I am defined by the roles that I play in my home -- I am a wife (for the past almost 11 years, even though I only just turned 30), and...I am a mother of three wonderfully fun and quirky kids (two of whom have special needs).

I feel blessed to have a photography business (as well as to work with special needs kids in another part time business I own). I am so pleased to be able to share my view of the midwest through my art prints here on etsy.

And, when I have a free moment from time to time, I am even just a tiny bit crafty. So, there will be times when I am able to slip non-photographic work into my etsy shop.

Speaking of my photography, I do want to mention that all of the pieces that are in my shop are printed by the same professional lab that I use for all of my portrait clients' photographs. So, rest assured, I am not cranking things off of my ink jet printer here at home."

She recently posted about the name of her shop, and the Indiana Harvest Contest. "I was once asked what my favorite season was. I said, "I like Autumn so much, you could say it was my middle name. IS my middle name."

Please take a little time to look through her shop, and please feel free to contact her about any of her pieces, whether it be with questions or just because something spoke to you and you wanted to chit chat about it. And, don't miss her collection of wonderful "mommy cards". And, she also makes custom banners for those of us on Etsy who are banner challenged!

Here are some of her beautiful photographs and other crafty items:


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Love your variety! I especially love the picture with the quote about autumn leaves being flowers.

    Congratulations on being featured and best wishes for success!!! :)

  3. Love you shop. I find myself browsing there just to see the beautiful pictures....