Monday, August 13, 2007

INCrowd Interview, 8/13/07 - SuzannesSpecialKids

This week's featured seller is Suzanne of SuzannesSpecialKids . Suzanne was born and raised in Indianapolis, and moved to Shelbyville when she was 16. Here's what Suzanne says about her craft and how she got into selling on Etsy!

"I sew, just about anything. My shop is mainly for babies and children but I also do some for adults with special needs. It's about all abilities and needs.

I started sewing at about age 10 (maybe younger-not sure). I stopped for a while in my early 20's but started again when I got pregnant with my daughter. Maternity clothes were too expensive for my poor budget. After she was born it was dress up clothes and halloween costumes.

I got pregnant with my son and slowed down a lot. I spent most of my 7 months on bedrest-no sitting up then-he has many issues we had to watch. After his birth we spent the next 78 days in the NICU at St. Vincent. I grew to love thoses ladies. They take very good care of your little ones when you aren't there and they don't mind you calling "just to check" on your baby 15 minutes after you leave. When I finally could dress him we had to watch the tubes, wires, bandages from the surgeries and his rather large noggin. Nikolas has congenital hydrocephalus, which has led to many other issues. I spent many hours looking for preemie things that we could get over his head and around the wires and found very little out there. Thus-easy access clothing was born!

Thru 3 yrs of First Steps and lots of therapy we also created/perfected my weighted items & taggie toys for children. I am now a cloth diaper fiend. They become quite addictive after you find a style that you like. The colors, patterns and textures of the fabrics available to surround your child are truly amazing. This is why many of my items can be custom. Finding that perfect style but not the right color, pattern, or feel is disappointing. I like to change that.

My children continue to inspire more and more items. Mikayla loves to choose the new fabrics for the next round of items and Nikolas is continually inspiring more special needs wonders."

Here is a sampling of some of her wonderful items!
Make sure you stop by her shop to see all of the wonderful and useful items for your babies and especially for your "special" babies!! She has some great items and some wonderful inovative creations. And, don't forget that anything can be custom made to your order!!


  1. Bless you & yours! I can think of no better inspiration than children!

  2. Such lovely high quality items, and made with love and the experience to know just what you need for a special child. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne!

  3. Suzanne...I think the passion that moves you to create is probably the purest that exists - love of your own child and a desire to help others. Your items are adorable and functional! Brightest blessings and much success!