Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Assignment: A project of your choosing inspired by your favorite pop song

Monday is often times a day that some people dread and others look forward to. Either way, whether you consider Monday the beginning of the week or the day after Sunday, lets make it new and inspired! Today, I have been editing a photo album for a wedding I recently shot, and I have been listening to the popular music list on Grooveshark, and I can't stop smiling, dancing, and bouncing around. So, choose a song from any genre that inspires you to create, it can be from any year going back to the first billboard chart in 1936!

Send me a picture and a caption for your creation, and I will feature it in next weeks follow up blog post!

Send: jpg file of your creation, your name, shop url, and a link to item if its posted

Send to:

My Inspiration: The Dog Days Are Over