Wednesday, May 26, 2010

INCrowdteam INterview with Brenna @ Raven Haired

Looks like it will be another glorious sunny day in NW Indiana! I hope the weather is pleasant for you, dear readers. I am pleased to introduce you to one of our newer members, Brenna of Raven Haired! Settle in and enjoy another INCrowdteam INterview!

Name: Brenna
City of residence: Fort Wayne, IN
Shop name: Raven Haired

INCrowdteam: Is there any meaning to your shop name? What made you choose it?
Raven Haired:
When I first signed up on Etsy I was only thinking about buying and the idea of a shop hadn't occurred to me yet. So the name of my shop is actually a translation of my name, Brenna, from Gaelic. It's always been an ironic family joke that my parents gave me a name that means "raven haired" and I have bright red hair!

INCrowdteam: Tell me about items for sale in your Etsy shop.
Raven Haired: I mainly have knitted laptop sleeves in my shop as well as sleeves for Ipods and Ipads. Many of the sleeves have fabric designs on them; flowers and animals, ect. I make each sleeve to order. How did I decide on making laptop sleeves for my shop? When I was working I had to buy myself a new laptop. Within 24 hours of taking it out of it's box I had gotten two scratches on it from just shoving it in my purse. I wanted to keep this investment in good shape so I knitted up a simple sleeve for it that wouldn't be bulky and would fit in any bag I had. As soon as I started using it I had friends, family, and co-workers asking where it came from. Flashforward and here is the the answer, "Raven Haired on Etsy"!

INCrowdteam: What’s your real-world job?
Raven Haired:
I've spent my time out of college working on political campaigns. It's long hours and hard work, but it's worth it. I started Etsy now that I'm taking a break from that and am hoping that if I keep working hard my shop will be a success and it can be my sole focus.

INCrowdteam: How did you learn your Etsy craft?
Raven Haired:
Completely on my own and with a lot of trial and error! I'd known how to crochet since I was 11 or so but in high school I wanted to make my own cool knitted designs. I got a few books and just experimented with a lot of things. All through high school I knitted scarves and gloves for my family and friends. I never really learned to read patterns, so I just make it up as I go.

INCrowdteam: What's your muse, or what turns that little creative light inside you on?
Raven Haired:
I have an almost constant desire to create. If it's not knitting or crocheting, it's usually cooking! I would never really consider myself an artist (that's my sister) but I do have this urge to create these wonderful functional creations.

INCrowdteam: What are your five favorite shops on Etsy?
Raven Haired:
Involution - She makes this amazing jewelry with felted wool. It's beautiful, check it out!

Pottery by Barbara - The best are her baking dishes
Felted Friends - Felted stuffed animals
Knitting Mette - My favorite are her monkeys!
Clear Mountain Craft - Just some really beautiful and colorful pottery.

INCrowdteam: Which three of your own items for sale are your favorite? Why do you like them so much?
Raven Haired: That's a tough call but I like these three just because they are my favorite shapes and color combinations.
13" Laptop Sleeve - Whale on Blue
13" Laptop Sleeve - Bird on Goldenrod Yellow
15" Laptop Sleeve - Diving Eagle on Emeral Green

INCrowdteam: What's the best compliment you've received from a buyer?
Raven Haired: I've only had one buyer so far but her feedback was enough to keep me going for a while:"This laptop sleeve is so cute and it fits perfect! Beautiful work! And shipped fast too!"

INCrowdteam: Where else can we find you on the Internet?
Raven Haired:
I also have a Facebook page:

That's all for today, folks! Stop by Brenna's shop and have a look around - some really cute stuff in there - I'm thinking those laptop sleeves would make GREAT graduation gifts!!
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