Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet: TimeandSand

Hello happy blog readers! This week's feature is coming a day early -- I'm leaving for a week-long fabulous San Diego vacation, so enjoy meeting Carrie Davies, of TimeandSand jewelry.

Name: Carrie Davies

City: Columbus, Indiana

Is there any meaning behind the name of your shop? In 2003 I became quite ill, had surgery and was bed-ridden for six weeks. My husband bought me some wire, beads and a wire-wrapping book I spent most of that six weeks learning to make wire wrapped pieces and listening to Sarah Groves. Her song “Pictures of Egypt,” spoke of the exodus from Egypt and the long time spent in the desert. The line, “Why all this time and sand? Is this so I will appreciate the promised land?” spoke to me. This experience changed my outlook on my artistic talent, and TimeandSand jewelry was born.

What’s your real-world job? I am the director of outreach and care for Grace Lutheran Church here in Columbus.

How did you learn your Etsy craft? I started with a book, beads and some wire. Over the past five years I have taken some classes, learned a lot from other artists on and am now teaching classes to others. But mostly I am self-taught.

What's your muse, or what turns that little creative light inside you on? I often am inspired by something I see in nature, such as a wintery night or a beautiful sunrise, but sometimes it is an idea that pops in my head, or often someone will ask if I can do a particular thing. Then I am off, trying to make what’s in my head into a piece. It's the best challenge for me, and I never back away from a challenge.

What are your five favorite shops on Etsy?

  1. zacszoaps -- This is my son’s shop. I am his helper. He has made soaps for three years. At 15 he is quite the entrepreneur.
  2. MuttsAmore -- This is my daughter and my shop. She makes the dog treats. All the dogs in the community know her, and they appreciate her work!
  3. ConduitPress -- This is an INcrowder. I love her repurposing.
  4. quecraft -- She has some of the most beautiful hair accessories I have ever seen, very elegant.
  5. teaman -- He makes the tastiest teas! I love his decaf mild chai tea. I am addicted to it!

Which three of your own items for sale are your favorite? Why do you like them so much?

  1. Black Agate Druzy Woven Bezel Necklace -- This is the first woven bezel I made that did not have supporting wires in the back. I was proud of the accomplishment and I love the stone! Now I never use supporting wires, I like the fact that the way a wrap is how the stone stay put with no glue, no solder, no supporting wires! How cool is that? (top photo)
  2. Family Tree Pendant, custom piece -- I had an idea to do a piece with birthstones and was working on a Tree of Life and bam, the two ideas came together, and now I make custom pendants with your choice of birthstones. Every one is different, and each tells the story of a special family. (middle photo)
  3. Singing the Blues Bracelet -- My first pieces were beaded and linked bracelets like this one. They hold a special place in my heart. My first sale was one of these bracelets to a woman behind me in the Wal-mart line. It was the first time I believed what everyone had been saying: “You could sell these." (third photo)

What's the best compliment you've received from a buyer? A few weeks before Christmas I received an order from Sharon, a woman about my age living in California who wanted me to make five pendants with the birthstones of her and her four sisters. They had just learned that their oldest sister had terminal cancer, and Sharon wanted to give a family pendant to each of her sisters for what would probably be their last Christmas together.

This story touched my heart. Having lost loved ones to cancer, I knew the point they were at: trying take the news in, and time was short. It was a big order, and I took it on with honor. I worked hard, and each piece was as identical to the other as I could make them -- a difficult task. Each piece usually takes on a personality of its own. Feeling wonderful about my work, I sent them off and felt satisfied that I had done the best I could.

A few days later I received an email from Sharon.


I came home after a very long day at work to find that the pendants were delivered in today's mail! They are just beautiful -- even more so in person than I imagined. I can't wait to give them to my sisters this weekend, and I know we will all cherish each of them as a beloved keepsake for years to come. Your heart is clearly in your work! Thank you so much for doing such a lovely job, for the great customer service and for your warmth and humanity. Happy holidays!


I cannot explain how much this meant to me. This is my goal with each piece. I imagine that my jewelry will be passed down from generation to generation and become family heirlooms. I am so touched when someone lets me in their story, shares their joy, sorrow, pain and happiness.

Where else can we find you on the Internet? I have my own Web site and just finished updating it this week! I have two other shops. kitsaboodle is my newest shop where I make sit-and- create kits for all ages. There are jewelry kits sewing kits, and crafting kits. mybeadsyourbeads is my destash shop. You can find my blog here and my Facebook here. I also tweet.

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  1. Hooray for Carrie! :)

    She also happened to be the featured artist on when I logged on today... :)

  2. I'm really impressed with Carrie's skill with wire wrapping. I work with beads and have just now started playing with wire. I can't imagine how much time and practice must have gone into those pieces!

  3. Beautiful jewelry! I love the wire wrapped "tree" with the beads!