Saturday, September 19, 2009

INcrowdteam Interview 9/19/09 - Lianne Donald, a.k.a. WhatOnceWas

Yesterday marked 15 years since the day I moved to Indiana. I knew I loved it here, and I knew Indiana held many surprises for me. One of these surprises is the huge variety of artists I would discover all around me - The INCrowdteam! Case in point this week: WhatOnceWas!

Where were you born and raised? Where are you now, and what led you there?I was born and raised in Indianapolis; I currently live out in the country in a farmhouse built in 1896 in Lebanon, Indiana. I was ready for peace and quiet, and I absolutely love it here!

What types of creations do you sell in your Etsy shop? I design and create wonderful, one of a kind pieces of jewelry using repurposed antique and vintage components.

What's the origin of your shop's name? Since my jewelry is made from antique and vintage components, I wanted a name that evoked the feel of my jewelry. Also, because it is repurposed - what once was an old, unused piece is now a beautiful piece of jewelry to be worn today.

What's your educational background, as it relates to your work? None, as it relates to my jewelry. I'm completely self taught - good old trial and error and lots of reading and practice!

What’s your real-world job? I'm a Registered Nurse and work full time in a hospital in Indianapolis. I like to say, "I'm a nurse by profession, and a jewelry maker by obsession!"

Does creating stuff run in the family? Were you taught things on purpose or by osmosis from prior generations? Well, my grandmother was a wonderful seamstress, as was my mother. But I don't sew! I'm not really sure where my creativity comes from.

How'd you get started creating? I've always had a slightly creative side, just in the past ten years or so did I actually "listen" to that part of me and decide to see where it would lead!

What's your muse, or what turns that little creative light inside you on? Oh, so many different things: nature, quotes from books, song lyrics, the bits and baubles I find at estate sales and antique shops. I just get random ideas at random times, usually when it's quiet. I really have to be in the mood to make my jewelry, I can't force it. I will go days without making something, then all of a sudden I get that creative urge.

Do you yourself have certain pieces of jewelry that you always, always wear? Tell us about them. You probably won't believe this - I don't wear any jewelry! Anyone who knows me is amazed that I make jewelry, for that reason.

What's your favorite thing about selling on Etsy? I love being able to put my jewelry out there for others to see. I love being in control of when and how much I choose to list. It has been a very good experience! I have "met" some wonderful, helpful people through Etsy. The amount of talent on Etsy is amazing.

Please recommend your five favorite shops from all of Etsy. There are so many; I hate to choose just five. Anyone can go to
my favorites and see all I have there.

Show us three of your own favorite pieces, from your shop and work. Once again, it's hard for me to choose. I truly love everything I make. I put my heart and soul into each piece, and each is my favorite. I wouldn't make it if I personally didn't love it.

Do you sell on consignment? Not yet, that's on my "To Do" list.

Where else can we find you on the internet? On Twitter.

Anything else to brag on? I have been fortunate to be included in two Storque articles, have been on Etsy's front page a few times, have been included in a few treasuries, have been on a few wonderful blogs. I am just pleased that I can make my jewelry and know that there are others out there who appreciate my work.

Thanks, Lianne! I think loving where we are is a vital part of a fulfilling creative process. -- Stockannette


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop! There are so many creative "Hoosiers" and I look forward to meeting many of you at the boutique in October!