Tuesday, March 3, 2009

INCrowdteam Super Sales March 2009, Week 1

Shop INCrowdteam!

Two Great Offers!

CreativeBorders (Custom Handmade Photo Borders)
Now through?: Free shipping on all items. Purchase 2 or more items and get 20% off!

Prices Have Never Been This Low Sale!
BerryCreekCandles (Hand-poured Natural Soy & Palm Candles, Lead Free Wicks)
Until all items are gone!: Inventory reduction sale.

"Oh No, You Didn't!"
nilochlainn (Vintage Re-Purposed)
Currently: $5 sale on 30% of her shop, items originally priced $8-$40. The challenge is on for others to buy more at once. Incredible deals on all jewelry!!

"New Sale Selection!"
totertot (Totes, Messenger Bags, Handbags, and so much more!)
Currently: New Sales Section.

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