Friday, November 28, 2008

INCrowd Interstate Interview, 11/28/08 - Cassie Ogle, aka thecraftykitten

I was zooming across the Eastern seaboard the other week, checking out some cool Etsy shops, and look what I found! Yes, a binder. But this binding is unlike anything else I have seen.When you see her faves at the bottom of the page, you'll understand what I mean. Enjoy!

Where were you born & raised?
Richlands, Virginia nestled in the Appalachian Mountains.
Where are you now & what led you there?
I’m still in Virginia but I hope to move during the next few years.

What types of creations do you sell in for your Etsy shop(s)?
I sell hand bound books. I’m currently taking steps toward mainly using recycled materials.

What's your educational background, as it relates to your work?
In 2006, I participated in an intense apprenticeship for hand bound books. I studied under my dear friend Robyn Raines. I have since then picked up many techniques through reading books and lots of trial and error.

How'd you get started creating?
I cannot remember a time that I wasn’t creating. During December ’07, I wrote a blog post a day about things I crafted while I was growing up. You can read all about that here on my blog:

Do you belong to any Street Teams? If so, which ones and why? If not, why not?
I am a very proud member of BESTbooks, which is the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team.

What's your favorite thing about selling on Etsy?
I love the community of Etsy. I love to attend craft night, hang out in the chat rooms, and check out the forums while I’m at work.

Recommend your five favorite shops on Etsy.
Show us your three favorite items from your own shop:
Embryo Coptic Book

Little Kitten Needle Book

Tiny GREEN Book Ornament

Anything else to add? Go for it!
I’m not only a bookbinder but I’m also a fiber artist. I love to knit & crochet. I also spin using a drop spindle and I’ve recently began dying my own fiber. I keep a blog for all my crafting adventures at

Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks so much, Cassie.


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