Thursday, June 12, 2008

Serious PROPERS to WildArtDesigns

Get this, in WildArt's own words: Yes, it's true! Paris Hilton will be wearing these same earrings on her new television show on MTV: "Paris and her BFF." An Emmy award winning costumer designer purchased these and decided they would be perfect for Paris. The show will air sometime in late summer or early fall. Be one of the few to have these babies because they are an extremely limited edition. As Paris says, "That's HOT!"

To see more specifics about the item we're discussing (she still has the makings for a few more pairs!), click on the title of this little article and you'll be transported, magically, to Paris Hilton Fairy Flower Earrings.

This is the coolest INCrowd news I've heard in QUITE a while!

Carolynn aka nilochlainn

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