Monday, April 28, 2008

Salon Orange Moon Silent Auction/Meet-up a Success!!

This was a great event! amysfunkyfibers, belladio and I were all there, and none of us had met the others in person before. Amy gave me a ride to the event, and Robin a ride car's in the shop. We laughed a lot, met other artists (and roped them all into getting Etsy shops together and joining INCrowd). We all made sales, too. It was terrific.

made a wonderful smiley moon for the Silent Auction, and it was a popular item. My earrings & necklace set only got one bid, so I think it's staying in the store for further bidding! Amy had a wonderful blue scarf, and Robin a fantastic aqua and white pendant wrapped with silver in the auction. Those items were beloved, too.

The food from The Goose was delicious...there just wasn't enough of it for any of us! We all 3 wanted to gobble up more duck, more salmon, more cheese, and more pickles & giardinera. I'm told the wine was good too (I had water and coffee, also good).

The bottom line is this: the people at Salon Orange Moon are really, deep-down fantastic. They gave us free Aveda product hand and arm massages. They bought our wares. We all chatted on and on about all sorts of things related to creation and design. It was a blast.

They'll do this again, according to Cindy Zoellner, the owner. And when they do, I sincerely hope even more vendors and attendees will join in the fun! Ask the was WELL worth it.

Pictures to come...

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