Sunday, July 22, 2007

the IN Crowd's Featured Seller 7/22/2007

This week's featured seller is Becky of BeckbyDesign.
Becky now lives in Muncie, but grew up in a small community called Cromwell. Cromwell is close to Lake Wawasee north of Ft. Wayne. She and her family just recently moved to Muncie where one of our other founding members hails from!

This is what Becky says about herself, and how she got started in her craft. "I started crafting when I was a little girl - the first thing I remember making was barbie hats made out of styrafoam, coloring them and then baking them in the oven. I have always been one to need to learn how to do things, whether it be stained glass, jewelry, gourd art, mosaics, sewing or working with copper. Any materials I can get my hands on I end up trying new things. My newest adventure has been baby gear, inspired by our 8 1/2 month old baby boy, Charley. Charley has inspired me to make practical and quality made products for other babies (and their parents too!)."

She makes baby gear - including BUBS (Back-up Blankies), Burpz rags, washcloths, and also features soft & cuddlies toys in her etsy shop made my another local artist.

Her items are very high quality, and are so cute and unique. I once knew a baby who carried his blanky around for so long, it was just a little piece of binding... Just think how happy he would have been to have one or two of these BUB's!

Becky is an active member of the IN Crowd, and has been a good friend and inspiration to many of us. Please check out her shop on Etsy by clicking here BeckbyDesign.


  1. Awww, my sweet Charlie is in the blog, isn't he just adorable? Ok, so his mom is pretty cute too. But my Charlie is just the sweetest little guy. Great to see him get some publicity, he has earned it being such a great model on Etsy and never complaining. I think he should get a raise!

    Great article about Becky, her BUBS are fantastic. I bought a set for my niece and she loves them. Becky is a good friend and support too I have to admit. Glad to see her in the blog.

  2. Such cute baby items. I love the idea of the back up blankie!

  3. Not only great items, but fabulous pictures on the listings!

  4. Charlie is sweet! Love your BUBS. Nice write up.