Sunday, June 10, 2007

INCrowd Interview, 6/10/2007 - Elise, betani

This week's featured seller is

Elise is from Valparaiso, IN. She is first and foremost a knitter, but loves trying her hand at new things. She also sews, spins, and dabbles in beading, drawing, and painting.

She has always been into crafting and art. Art class was always her favorite subject in school, and from an early age she wanted to learn any craft she could. No one was exempt from getting some kind of cross-stitched picture for a birthday or holiday!

"Learning to knit was a fluke for me. Years ago I had a job at Frank's (one of the perfect places for a craft addict to work). After closing time, as we were cleaning up, I noticed some of the knitting supplies were deeply discounted for clearance. In a "what the heck" moment, I grabbed a cheap pair of needles, a 'how to knit' pamphlet, and a small ball of yarn. I've barely put down the needles since.

Etsy has been the perfect outlet for me. I love knowing that people like and want the things that I make, and that inspires me to branch out and try new things."

Check out her shop for more of her tiny totes, wallets, wrist rests, bath mitts, and other wonderful things!


  1. I love her items! And the enthusiasm she has for her craft!

  2. Beautiful work! I love the colors in those knitted bags...

  3. I have seen her little totes in person and they are adorable. She was very generous and sent us 3 to use in the raffle baskets for Summer Heat. I have put one on my list of things I just have to have. Hard to believe she taught herself to knit, the quality is excellent.

    Elise, thanks for donating to the IN Crowd raffle basket. You are a real sweetie and you have a super great Etsy shop!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I love being part of this great team!

  5. I love it that art comes in so many shapes, styles and disciplines. Betani is a perfect example of this!

  6. Elise - saw your little totes for the raffle baskets when I was at Deb's the other day - too cute!

    You are certainly talented.