Thursday, September 22, 2011

INcrowd Wire Wrappers

Wire wrapping has been around for thousands of years BC. It is quite an amazing process and I have to say, I have seen some really intricate wire work out there, just google image search and see for yourself. Some of the pieces are almost unbelievable. Wire wrapping of course is a means of working with wire to connect elements together without using a soldering method (using heat). Someone was currently talking about it being a dying art. What else can the method teach and where else is it applied?

Just a reminder to INcrowd members tag your items listed on Etsy with INcrowdteam so that we can easily find and promote each others work! We can find you easier and purchase items from your shop faster, I know if I have an INcrowd member selling something I am looking for, I will stop right there!

Incrowdteam Wire Wrapping Treasury 


  1. Is it "incrowd" or "incorwdteam"? A few years ago I was told the former. Has it changed?

  2. Faith, you are indeed correct - it really is 'incrowdteam'!

    Great collection of wire-wrapped goodies, by the way!